Multimedia artist Dajana Durić presents her work for the first time in Split with the solo exhibition entitled Residence of the Void. In her work, the artist takes into account the fact that we perceive our surroundings using all senses, so she combines various media and materials to construct works/installations adapted to specific venues and preconditions the complete activation of the spectator’s perception. Tea is the main formal and conceptual framework of the Residence of the Void. The artist covers the whole exhibition room with tea – she covers the walls with a collage constructed of emptied and full tea bags and pours their content all over the floor. Through this very specific spatial installation the artist not only activates visual, but also olfactory codes, initiating new way of perceiving the reality. Choice of a specific material, as well as the whole concept of this work comes from Japanese aesthetic and philosophy called Wabi-Sabi. The beginnings of Wabi–Sabi are connected precisely to the ancient tea ceremony. Simplicity, modesty, inclination towards spatial (and life) harmony, as well as the awareness of the impermanence of the material world are the main principles translated into visual language in Durić’s work.

Dajana Durić (1986, Rijeka, Croatia) completed her undergraduate study of Art Education at the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka and integrated undergraduate and postgraduate university study at the Faculty of Painting (specialization in experimental textile) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she received her MA with Rector’s Honours. She was awarded numerous honours for her work. She is a member of HDLU Rijeka. Since 2014 she has taught Interior Design at the Open University in Rijeka. From 2014 to 2017 she worked as a teaching assistant at the Academy of Applied Arts, Drawing Department. Dajana Durić lives and works in Rijeka, Croatia.

On view till 1st April 2018.