The object's final utile form, in the creative world of Gordana Dinković, has always been embraced and mesmerised by the call of the imagination. Aware of the directions and tendencies of the contemporary design, and the moment in which she was creating her work, in the past decades, she managed to create magnificent cycles of glass worlds containing the tinder of her initial idea. Each new body of work had repeatedly and distinctively shown strong individual, artistic reflection and experience of the encounter with the inviting, amorphous glass matter. By accepting it and, we dare to say, transforming it into an „alter ego“, imprinted with vibrations of moments, whiffles of latent wishes, joys, sorrows… these individual forms of sculptures wrote the biography of her creative work. Through the author's intimate conversations with glass, new, amazing worlds emerged which she shared with us at numerous admired and acknowledged exhibitions and presentations.
Mr. sc. Lada Ratković Bukovčan, from the essay published in exhibition catalogue, The Mimara Museum, 2018.

Tears were created by releasing the glass into free fall and allowing it to expand to the breaking point or the moment of its transformation into solid form. The quiver of the glass (tilt, curves...) are result of the nature of the glass „which memorizes and records“ the quiver of the hand holding it, or the touch of the tool stopping it or shifting its movement contrary to the free fall direction. I thank Steklarna Rogaška d.d. for making the creation of this piece possible and the workers who joined me and shed the tears for me.
Gordana Drinković


Sponsored by: Steklarne Rogaška d.d.

On view till 8, June, 2018.