Life on earth is better than it ever was: the abundance, the plenty, everything and more. When one day we cease to be what shall we leave behind? Should the aliens choose to visit, or should they be watching already, from their distance they can contemplate our towers and palaces, steel and glass, beaches and swimming pools, shopping malls, villas, SUVs and stadiums. It is my great desire and ambition that they also may stumble across my beauties and find them to their liking. They may understand us better or get even more confused. What if they are here already? Who are they in the first place? Who are we?

Objects in this exhibition are dedicated to all of us with obsessions, bad habits, little fetishes, and compulsive actions. These works search for innovation on the level of human behavior. They explore things so omnipresent that we stopped seeing them, or, sometimes, their absence. Consequently, materials are burnt, bleached, blow dried, curled, beaten, spilt, bent and turned into gold, until they fit into place. Time is invited in and made stay still. Simple things are created for our complex times, nice, irony-free and celebratory. And fantasy is bent around tough materials again.

Dejana Kabiljo

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Dejana Kabiljo creates art, architecture and design, exploring human behavior, cracks, faults and weaknesses, the B side. She exhibits extensively in museums and galleries but also on obscure locations in: Vienna, Milan, Graz, Florence, London, Paris, St.Etienne, Lausanne, Zürich, Winterthur, Ghent, Kortrijk, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Belgrade, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Beijing. Her work is included in collections of: the MAK, Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art, Vienna, Museum of Applied Art Belgrade, in the collection of the Vienna Museum and in various private collections.

Dejana Kabiljo was lecturer at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, speaker and guest lecturer at conferences and universities in Vienna, Stockholm, Moscow, Holon, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Sarajevo. She graduated in architecture from the University of Belgrade, and received her Master Degree in design from the Domus Academy in Milan. She is recipient of different grants and prizes, Japan Foundation Fellowship for Artists, an extended summer in Tokyo in 98, being the most pleasant one.

Dejana Kabiljo was born and raised in Split, on the Adriatic coast, lives and works in Vienna’s 1st district.