The Parallel Narratives exhibition thanks to the collaboration of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Marinko Sudac Collection, present Split’s audience with the art practice of the historical avant-guard of the region, which is not at all included in the museum’s collection and, consequently, in its display. The exhibition is installed within the museum’s collection display which covers period from 1909 to 1969. Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts is an excellent example of institutional policies that throughout the 20th century avoided studying, collecting and elaborating art practice that critically reflected social context of the time of its creation and/or was opposed to the mainstream aesthetic codes. Direct consequences of such institutional policy is general public’s ignorance of the existence of avant-garde art, and therefore uncomplete perception of ​​the art of the 20th century. This furthermore generates public’s inability to understand contemporary art production that predominantly relies on the practices and aesthetics of historical avant-garde.

The exhibition will present artefacts, manifestos, magazines and other art related materials that will contrast museum’s modernist art collection. Thus, in the period of three months public will finally have a chance to comprehend the entire range of the conceptual and stylistic dynamics that marked the art of the 20th century.

Marinko Sudac Collection