Artists: Adel Abidin, Boris Cvjetanović, Ibro Hasanović, Zlatko Kopljar, Kata Mijatović, Dan Oki, Ivana Penjak Kasavica, Renata Poljak, Anne Spalter

The international exhibition of video art, Out of Time and Space is conceived as an intervention within a segment of the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, dedicated to the art created between the 14th and mid-20th century. The video works whose motifs and/or themes correspond to the art works among which they are displayed, have been chosen in order to open dialogue between the traditional visual arts and contemporary media art, regarding the levels of perception of works as well as ways in which artists correlate to the subjects of their creation. The time spans, ranging from seven centuries to fifty years, enabled by diachronic display of works, indicate that the prevailing aesthetic and formal approach typical for the historical and cultural context in which detachment of artistic creation from reality was considered appropriate, in its contemporary variation conceded the priority to their integration. Indeed, there isn't any relevant artistic endeavour of today that, regardless its media, doesn't express an active relationship towards current social or civilisation discourse.

Apart from directing the viewers' attention towards the conceptual differences, the display of works also accentuates the fact that stationary quality and stability of tactile, sensual dimensions of traditional artistic métier, is now replaced by duration of work, movement and sound in media art.

On the pragmatic level, this exhibition will during February also compensate for the absence of contemporary art from the current presentation of the collection, due to the ongoing exhibition of Dr Ivo Tartaglia Collection.