Book by Michael Zinganel, Elke Beyer, Anke HagemannHolidays after the Fall – seaside architecture and city planning in Bulgaria and Croatia“ (Jovis Verlag, 2013)

The exhibition in the Trogir Town Museum that will be opened on Wednesday, 10th June at 9 p.m., is an attempt to connect the on-going citizens’ initiative to protect one of the most successful realizations of the architect Ivan Vitić, Motel Sljeme in Trogir (1965) with the wider research on the transformation of the modernist tourist architecture on the Croatian coast realized by Michael Zinganel, Maroje Mrduljaš and Norbert Mappes Niediek. This framework aims to offer a more layered understanding of the recent (Croatian) past, tracking the physical and symbolic transformation of the carefully planned environment from one economic and political paradigm (self-managed socialism) into another (market capitalism). The exhibition therefore explains the broader context of the legacy of the Motel Sljeme in Trogir, once an important, economic and cultural asset for both tourists and the local population, at the same time encouraging reflections on the future use of this site.

The curators talk focuses on certain topics of the book, such as democratization and comodification of seaside tourism in Croatia. The public initiative for preservation of the architecture of socialistic modernism called MOTEL TROGIR will also present some of its activities.

The talk will be held in English, with Croatian translation if necessary.