Curator and author of the exhibition setup: Božo Majstorović

Marija Paparella Legentil's solo exhibition took place from 28 January to 6 February 2011. It consisted of three paintings (oils on canvas).

"...Her stylized forms, reminiscent of the leaves of grass or a meadow, retained their function as basic formative elements, but the atmosphere as a whole has changed significantly, becoming dynamic with the introduction of frey as a non-colour. Thus, her monochromatism has turned into a chromatic-achromatic dialogue, a dualism of green and grey, or rather life and death...

... Marija Paparella Legentil approaches her paintings as problems to be solved, but these problems are always suffused with emotions. Earlier in this decade, her work was dominated by fine humour, even irony, yet now her themes are undoubtedly more subtle. We are restless and curious to see what comes next!"

Vanja Babić

Marija Paparella Legentil was born in Split on 17 February, 1966.

In 1988, she graduated painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.

In 1989, she attended a post-graduate programme at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Since 1988, she has presented her art at a number of group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.