Exhibition setup: Vojin Hraste

„… My work shows an individual feeling helpless before a figure of a small shark stranded on a dry concrete floor, out of its element. The figure is standing on a chair, under a parasol. In that way, it is separated both from the earth and the sky. It is feeling safe in its own 'house', under its coverlet, although it constitutes no protection at all, just like the danger is not real either. This image is my description of hermetism and paranoia, fear of lifeand outide influence. It is the existence left without its anthropocosmic verticality, its bond with the universe, its root in the ground…“

Vojin Hraste

„… Vojin Hraste belongs to the younger generation of Croatian temporary artists and he is on a good path. Regardless of his surroundings and all social deviations that confine the young authors, leading them to despair, a feeling of having no way out and being at dead end, he does not let himself be distracted. He continually works and works well. He respects all tenets of the craft and does not like to flaunt his status of artist, although, in my opinion, he is one. His works, includingof course this last one, among other things possess and mediate joy which is innate to him, no matter how reduced they are to the drama they illustrate. They clearly say we should surpass the emotional resonances through which we experience a work of art and find it more or less substantial – whether that substance is within us or the work…“

Toni Horvatić

Vojin Hraste was born on 10 August, 1981 in Šibenik. In 2000 he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb where he graduated sculpture in 2006, class of Prof. Slavomir Drinković. Since 2007, he has been working as an aAssistant at the Sculpture department of the Arts Academy in Split. In 2008, he has started a Ph.D. Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, mentorhip of Prof. Slavomir Drinković. Since 2001 he has exhibited at numerous group exhibitions in Croatia.