„…In his artwork entitled 'Miro', Darko combines video recording of interor and exterior with the audio recording of the conversation led with a little boy. Using the telephoto lens, he creates flatness of the image that is intensified through long shots.

Details observed by the author slowly introduce us to the story. From the exterior, which is filled with notion of emptiness, we enter the room full of terrifying traces of living.

Parallelly, we listen to the little boy's story which completes the whole experience and in process creates mixed feelings. Innocent child's voice on one side and the shocking remains of living on the other create integral experience…

…the author combines two opposites to bring about intimate experience of personal shock.

In the process, he is thinking about the beginning and the end of life related to a specific place...“

(Ivana Vukušić, curator)

„Modern society is characterised by a dinamic tempo of living and constant change, especially in the relationship between the society and individuals. Life got so accelerated that it would be difficult to perceive it in all of its complexity. By isolating one of its elements, we get a frozen image of an individual's life. Artist Darko Škrobonja takes one such situation and, through the use of video installation he presents to us an individualised life space…

…Artist used in his work emotional stories from his own life. In that way he presents to the audience the situation that influenced him as a person and as an artist. By combining auditory and visual media, author gives audience the chance to live through the moment with him.

In a brief moment of time, the eternal haste of living stops, and the audience stops and experiences the life of another person. One thinks, feels and becomes sensibilised in the individual space.“

(Christy Koor, sociologist associate)

Darko Škrobonja (1986, Split)

Graduated from II. Jezična Gimnazija in Split. Currently final year graduate student in Media Art at the Academy of Arts in Split. Exhibited at one solo exhition and participated in several group exhibitions in Croatia and Germany.

Ivana Vukušić (1988, Vela Luka)

Graduated from I. Klasična gimnazija in Split. Currently final year graduate student in Croatian language and literature and Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Split. She is a member of the Kulturna alternativa mladih – HRAM, Centar novog cirkusa association (Cultural alternative of the Youth – HRAM, New Circus Centre). She was a part of the editorial board of the Faculty of Philosophy students' magazine The Split Mind. She volunteers in the Gallery Bez Naziva. She curated and wrote forewords for several exhibitions.

Christy Koor (1992, Pula)

Graduated from Opća gimnazija Juraj Baraković in Zadar. Currently first year graduate student in Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Split. She was a part of the project (De)mapiranje Dioklecijanove palače/(De)mapping Diocletians palace and currently works on the project Kontekstualizacije ljepote dokoličarenja/Contextualisations of the beauty of idleness, which is based on the example of Split promenade, Riva.