Calling Sonja Gašperov an academis painter or visual artist would only partilly be true. The same name reveals an award-winning author of comics, a writer (the publishing house Algoritam has just published her book Cyber Zoo), and an author of one of the most visited blogs (see All the above mentioned indicates the fact that Sonja finds the terms of life and art inseparable. She considers their mutual entanglement immanent and the only question she asks herself is which medium to turn to in a given moment. Evenwhen she decides in favour of painting, drawing or words, the one never excludes the other. That probably constitutes the most interesting part of her work, along with her lightness of expression regardless of the medium and her definite refusal of all limitations in contents and form. In her project called 365 T-shirts, Sonja Gašperov moves within a space recognizable as a post-avantgardeproject i.e. a conceptual work of art. The production and perception of work take place at several levels, in several "time zones" and media. The first fundamental level consists of the actusl process of collecting advertising T-shirts, during which the artist arranges for different firms, institutions and associations for her own vicinity to help her carry out the project and donate the T-shirts. Troughout a year, the artist actually wears all 365 collected T-shirts and documents the process photographically. Specific long-term performance i this case takes place in the intimate-public combination of her everyday life. Everything is also transferred to the virtual space ( in which she follows the progress of the project. (...)

Jasminka Babić

Sonja Gašperov was born in 1982 in Split. In 2001 graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Split. Graduated painting from the Arts Academy, University of Split in 2006, class of prof. Nina Ivančić. Member of HULU. Lives in Split, where she works as an assitant teacher at the Arts Academy.

She is the author of the book entitled "Cyber Zoo", published by Algoritam. She was published at the first Bestseller collection of short stories entitled "Da sam Šejn". Her texts and comics have been published in various newspapers and culture magazines such as Vijenac, Zarez, Slobodna Dalmacija, RE - culture magazine from Rijeka, Q magazin, Hrvatski velikani, Hosteler, ST-RIP, Komikaze, Zona 9. Her comics entitled "Sob sa Sobom" and "Lumen i Kremen" were published on weekly basis on the web pages