Set-up: Alem Korkut

"...New works bring the fascination with the true form that was created under the influence of the nature on the material, clay to be specific. Special value o Korkut's work is the freedom of his approach to the media and he knows well the form and the material he is working with, therefore all of his works are very interesting and well though-out. Every work stands out as really interesting, whether it is the aluminium relief fragment simulating the movement of the sea (The Tide), or, as he calls them, video reliefs (The sea). By transposing the motif from the video media to the sculpture (or vice-versa) the artists creats an interesting game which has the blurry line between the real and the physically present (relief) and the shown (the sea). The illusion is stronger as the projector simultaneously projects video image and illuminates the relief itself leaves the impression of a projected photograph. The author creates the similarity of the sea surface and the sculpted surface by simulating the movement of the sea and its influence on the clay. In returning the motif to its origin he goes one steo further by colouring the cast blue.

In the same work Korkut cleary depicts the whole process of creation: idea - process - form. The nature itself is the designer, while the artists takes the role of the selection and the documentation of the process itself. With his fresh and absolute knowing of the media, constant re-examining of himself and his work, and clear and visually well-thought-out, Alem Korkut is definitely one of the most interesting artist of the generation on the art scene in Croatia."

Jasminka Babić

Alem Korkut was born in 1970 in Travnik, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. From 1992 to 1997 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where he graduated from the sculpture department in the class of professor Šime Vulas. Member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artist and the Croatia Association of Free-Lance Artists since 1998.