Set-up: Vedran Perkov

"...All of Vedran's works have specific humour and self-irony. Their value lies in the fact that they alway remain within the safe border between the simply funny and ironic, never to cross into any of the extremes. The author bravely puts himself into situation in which he honestly daydreams of superheroes, powerful aircrafts, creates spaces of childlike imagination, sharing with the visitor his own intimate space, at the same time giving a clear social and critial note...

Works entitled Starship Captains's Extravehicular Suit, Heavycruiser Battleunit Commander's Suit - 3rd generation, and Interstellar Thunderbird (prototype) lead us again into the world of interstellar travel. The spaceship prototype is exhibited in a manner of some car show, completely ready for the test drive. Spacesuits constructed in detail are meant for crucial battles or stroll along some remote world, readily await commander Riker. Or maybe not? Vedran does not insist on the perfection of the way the work looks, and reamains at the safe distance from the demanding production of special effects (altought his constructions are complex and elaborate). His objects always remain charmingly imperfect, revealing the true inability of fulfilling their original function, reminding us that all this is after all, merely a dream."

Jasminka Babić

Vedran Perkov was born in 1972 in Split. In 2002 he graduated painting at the Academia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy. Since2004 he has been a senior assistant at the Painting Department of the Art Academy of Split University. He is a member of the Croatian Fine Artists Association of Split and the Croatian Association of Freelance Artists. Lives and works in Split.