Text: Dalibor Prančević

Set-up: Sandra Mateljan

"...Text carries different meanings that are result of long period of intimate feelings of Sandra Mateljan. Text used are not incidental flashes, but constructions that were reached gradually. Let's make it simple and say: they are the result of the intense experience! TEKSTure of Sandra's work literally becomes text with all its characteristics and simbolic meanings. Visits to the exhibitions are often accompanished by spontaneouse dialogues between visitors. Dialogues do not necessarily have to refer to the exhibit itself. Similar dialogue is pushed aside, it is made almoust impossible by Sandra's action. Dialogue between visitors is negated by the loudness of the audio-media that focuses the attention to the "written" word. The process of silence is ambigous in a loud space saturated with music.

We are becoming aware of the very accentuated concentracion. To form an extremely finely granulated texture on a slippery surface is a process of concentration in the artist's creative act. Words put in relations are also a result of concetration of the intellect. Finally, by the definite annulement of the possibility of any dialogue, the artist invites the visitor to test his/her own concetration in relation to the text that has been presented to him/her. The artist removes the ligth in the exhibition room to suggest the deciphering of the content, but now under a different reflection. The content is transferred into space - on the surface of the wall, separated from its generation - tactile work of art. The text becomes a shadow (tactile is transformed into non-tactile), and within the visual arts shadow has already become an indicator of the absolute experience."

Dalibor Prančević

Sandra Mateljan was born in Split in 1964. In 1983 she graduate from the School for Education in Culture, Department of Sculpture. Besides art work she continously works as a graphic designer, and she has done interior design as well. Lives and works in Split.