Curator: Božo Majstorović

Exhibition set - up: Siniša Labrović

"...The discouse of his installations and performances is personal, engaged and direct, whereas their effect is impressive. His recent works, which are being exhibited in the Art Gallery, represent a step towards for the general themes. Time, the phenomenon with thousan faces, may be set to designate a common denominator fot the both installations. In order to elaborate his contemplation the author makes use of the well-known motifs, such as the bed and the certiain geometrical forms and symbols. It is abbreviation that becomes a man who aspires for eternity. The installation called The Puzzle represents a circle, a rectangular, a triangle, a star, a swastika and a cross floating in six water containers. All of these forms have been deformated by time; however, the photographs remind us of their original shapes. Their fragility and modesty stand in opposition to the simbolic form they represent. Moreover, there remains the enigma of the seventh container, which is ambigously empty.

Time, regarded as the cultural and natural phenomenon, as well as the measure of all things, is even more complexly elaborated in the installation The Bed. The installation's constructive elements are, partially, taken over from the nature (the moss, the stone). The co - exsistence accounts fot the symbolic potentiality of the motifs and opens up various deciphering options. As a piece within this dialectical game the bed becomes the mould, the symbol of life of becomes the place of its expiration. The thing worth emphasising related to Labrovic's work is the direct experience of the particular ambience, particular space and time period the author lives through. Undoubtedly it is the most outstanding quality. The moral component must not be left aside whatsoever. Being deeply aware that the accuracy of the opinion depends more on the context than on the doctrine, his ethical sensitivity never traverses into moralistic instruction. After all, his work creats the questions, not the answers."

Božo Majstorović

Siniša Labrović was born in Sinj, on February 12th 1965. He graduated Croatia language and literature at the University of Zagreb in 1997. He occasionally works as a teacher. He was awarded the third prize at the Competition held by The Imaginary Academy of Groznjan and The Drama Institute from Zagreb for his script "The Heart" in 1999. His poems "The Summertime Jesus" were published in "The Quorum". He is an active performance and installation author.