Assistent curator: Adriana Perojević

It can be said that the art collectors in Split are oriented towards proven and traditional values. In the foreground there are always established painters, written about by respectable art historians, especially those trusted by art collectors. Consequently, we move through spaces dominated by Mediterranean style artworks, created by artists such as Vlaho Bukovac and Celestin Medović, Emanuel Vidović, Ignjat Job, Jerolim Miše, Ante Kaštelančić, Ljubo Ivančić, Ivo Dulčić and Edo Murtić. Murtić is actually the only northern painter that became „domesticated“ in Split collections, equally with artworks belonging to the middle of the century and those from the last decades of the twentieth century, in which he „described“ Mediterranean environment using strong gesture. In his, as well as in other artists' case, our art collectors were oriented to the paintings in which one can recognise concrete time and concrete space. Therefore, the exhibition will reveal specific virtu of Split area, which hosts valuable works from the 19th and 20th century Croatian art and selected paintings and sculptures from earlier historical periods.

(Radoslav Tomić, from the foreword)

On view till 3 April 2016