The Lovers artistic collective is focused upon interdisciplinary merging of science and arts. The collective will present itself with a 'self-sustaining' audio-visual spatial installation in the Museum of Fine Arts. In the realization of their work, the artists will be using solar energy, as well as Earth batteries, the energy generated by lowering the cargo and the mechanical moving sculptures that will change position as the visitors themselves twist the lever. The main aim of this artwork is to popularize the usage of renewable energy sources, as well as to point out the problem of climate changes caused by human activity. As a part of this exhibition, a number of lectures will be held by scientists and experts in the field of energetics, renewable energy resources, biology and environmental protection, with the aim of opening up the discussion about these topics.

Lovers is an artistic collective of six young female authors: Tamara Bilankov (1988), Hrvoslava Brkušić (1982), Stella Leboš (1988), Luana Lojić (1991), Ivana Pipal (1990) and Ana Vuzdarić (1984), who graduated from the Animation and New Media Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. As an artistic organization, they have been active since 2015. Their collective artworks question the scientific, the fantastic and the artistic, their contact points and their merging zones, all of which is based upon imagination and playfulness. They are open to a number of different media and means of expression. While all of them show interest in video and installation, some of them also use the body as an art medium, while others express themselves through illustration or write science fiction, additionally expanded and enriched by multimedia installations.

They have indivuidually exhibited as part of The Perforations, The Extravagant Bodies, The Sound Incubator, The Platform, The Improspections, The Street Art Museum, T-HT, (I'MM Hacklab), as well as internationally in Serbia, Italy, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, France and the UK.

The collective's activity focuses on the interdisciplinary merging of science and arts, and in this respect the authors exhibited as the SF Female Lovers in the SC Gallery, as part of the TASK festival and the TALA dance platform in the Pogon Tvornice Jedinstvo, as well as within the Mjestimice Svjetlo project. In cooperation with the Astronomical Observatory in Zagreb and the Sky Astronomical Association, they have held numerous lectures and happenings aiming to popularize astronomy and astrophysics, together with guest lecturers from the Physics Department at the Faculty of Science, professor Davor Horvatić and the assistant professor Mile Karlica from the Zagreb Astronomical Observatory.