Lens, 1966, 7'10"

Five, 1965, 8'30"

Today...?, 1965, 7'

Twist-twist, 1962, 3'

Jukebox, 1966, 6'40''

Fluorescences, 1967, 4'30''

Ante Verzotti (Split, 1942) graduated film and television camera in 1973 from the Academy of Fine Arts FAMU in Prague. He was an associate professor at the UMAS Art Academy in Split since its foundation in 1997, for photography, film and TV recordings. He is one of the most important authors of the golden age of the Split Cine Club in the 1960s. Program curated by Sunčica Fradelić presents his most significant films from that period. Along with the film, Verzotti has been in photography since 1958. To date, he has produced 25 independent and participated in 90 collective exhibitions at home and abroad where his work was acknowledged with numerous awards. In 2009, the Croatian Union of Photographers awarded him the highest honorary title of the first order: Master of Photography (MF-HFS), the first such in Croatia. He is a member of the Split Photo Club and the Split Cine Club (since 1957), the HDFD (since 1975), ULUPUH (since 1980), HZSU (since 1981) and HND (since 1992).