Postseasonal observation exhibition is entirely opposite to any of the exhibitions that Mario Lalich have done during his 25-year long career as a photographer. This is the first time that Lalich exhibits “found” images, compared to all of his previous shows, where he was showing only his conceptual work, where images were very carefully planned and produced from the initial idea to the final print. This time Lalich presents a viewer with images that he accidentally came across, rather than imposing preconceived idea or concept to the audience. Presented images are not printed on paper or canvas as in all his previous shows, but projected in a slideshow, screened on three monitors which would also be the only source of light in the exhibition space. There are 228 images, “snapshots” of his daily life routine continuously rotating on each monitor. Most of them are images captured in nature or by the sea, accompanied with some images that include occasional, but mostly indirect human presence. Basically, this exhibit is about the mood and feeling of artist's everyday life in postseasonal Split.

MARIO LALICH (1965), lived and worked in New York,USA from 1987-2003, now in Split, Croatia


Directors Guild of America, Los Angeles, USA
SK Josefsberg Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA
Sarajevo Museum of Arts and Literature
Matica Hrvatske, Zagreb, Croatia
Photo Klub Split, Croatia
Smash Box Studios, LA, USA
Barneyʼs Beverly Hills, USA


Communication Arts Award of Excellence (Photography Annual)
National Endowment of Arts (Individual Artist Grant), USA
London International Print Awards (finalist)


Gus Van Sant
Denver Art Museum
Susan Baraz Foundation


New York Times Magazine
Rolling Stone Magazine
LA Times
Paper Magazine
The Village Voice


“Davenport”, 20min, 16mm, screened at: New York Indépendant Film and Video Festival, Anthology Archives, New York, Cinema 21, Portland, Oregon, USA, Festival of New Film, Split, Croatia

On view till 25, February, 2018.