For several years now, the Museum of Fine Arts has been trying to deconstruct the syntagma and practice of a ‘permanent museum collection displays’ by conceptualizing and showcasing different exhibition projects within the display of museum collection. In collaboration with the Varaždin City Museum, we are initiating a new project that establishes an inter-museum cooperation by exchanging works from the holdings and collections of both museum institutions. The exchange is envisaged as presentation of artworks from the other museum in the collection display of the home institution, and is taking place in both institutions concurrently. Artworks are selected by curators from both institutions and positioned in places that other works were dislocated from. Since both collection presentations are displayed in chronological order, the exchange will refresh their monotony, expand information on the referential period and introduce collections of similar institutions and cultural contexts from other parts of the country. The current exchange is focused on period from middle ages to the late 19th century. Presented exchanged artworks from the collection of the Varaždin City Museum are marked with a textual table that provide a description of the work and the context of its creation.