A View from the Inside is the Museum of Fine Arts new exhibition project that will be presented every Friday, starting from April, 17th 2020 on our Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Following the dangers of the spreading of COVID-19 pandemic, from the start of 2020 almost all of the museums around the globe have been forced to close their doors to the visitors. As all of the Croatian museums, the Museum of Fine Arts in Split has been physically closed for public for almost a month, and has focused its communication with its visitors to the available online platforms. We have been publishing on our website, Instagram and Facebook profiles announcements of the planned projects, artworks from our collections, the work of our restoration workshop and various segments of life in the temporarily closed museum. However, due to lockdown we have been unable to produce our temporary exhibitions and follow the planned exhibition programme, so we were lacking one of the most vital segments of our museum work – collaboration with artists. This is why we have decided to invite our faithful collaborators – artists to share with us their views, preoccupations and thoughts about the current situation through the new exhibition project titled A View from the Iside. Every Friday, the artists take over our Instagram and Facebook profiles, without limitations concerning the format of their works. We cannot and do not wish to predict the end and the final form of this project. The only thing we can be sure of is that we will get the relevant and interesting insights into the various aspects of the changes we are all facing at this moment.

Why A View from the Inside? For the first time in the history of contemporary civilisation we are forced by the external factor to physically withdraw to the inside – to our homes. Consequently, our perspective towards the external changes, as well as our functioning in our everyday lives – from the physical distance to the new ways of communication, work and private and social relations. As time passes, new questions arise: is this really just a pause or will this change be permanent? Will we be able to adapt and how? Do we need a completely new models of society? From our position – how will future production and mediation of art look like? For now, there are no final answers to these questions. However, we are definitely facing a time when creativity on all levels of life becomes extremely important. And who should we turn to but to the artist, when we need to apply new models of functioning on personal and social levels, and to deeply investigate the values we want to keep in our future lives. Artists are the ones that, through specific tools and methods, have the knowledge to show the various aspects of the present and to create possible outlines of our future.

Curators: Jasminka Babić, Marija Stipišić Vuković

Curatorial assisant: Ana Čukušić